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February 11, 2004
FireFox v0.8

Today I present to you a fairly serious endorsement of something I think you should check out. It's a little on the geeky side, but I promise to you that it contains the right dosage of sass and dirty language that you've come to know and love. Ain't it grand? Go ahead and check out the Stuffs section, then download FireFox!

Get Firefox

Posted by shock66 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)
Mozilla Firefox

Certainly been a long time since this section has been updated, it seems. So it's time for a little sumfin sumfin. I don't know if you should expect this endorsement to be particularly exciting, since it's an endorsement for software, but it may be informative to y'all geeks and non-geeks alike. You see, if I'm going to be a geek and readily admit it (can't really deny it anymore), I might as well drag everyone else down with me! Huzzah!

I've been using Mozilla Phoenix/Firebird/FireFox for quite some time, but it hasn't been quite mature enough to unleash for the "unwashed masses." In its newest iteration(v0.8) it was renamed to FireFox (after first being named Phoenix, then being named FireBird) and made faster, more stable, etc. You know, all that marketing stuff that I often have to spew about my own company's software product. Why they renamed it "FireFox" is beyond me. I know the multiple renames were to prevent confusion between other projects in the Open Source community, but why go from Phoenix, which is inherently badass, to Firebird, which is mildly badass but nevertheless invokes thoughts of badly-designed Pontiacs? As if it couldn't get worse, it gets renamed to FireFox, which makes little sense to me at all. It just sounds furry. Why not continue the thread of browser badassedness? I mean, as much as I like moose and all, it really seems to me that FireFox is about as cool and threatening as FireMoose. Then again, the idea of a giant two-ton lumbering flaming moose does instill fear in my loins ...

Naming conventions aside, this is a very slick browser. It's faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer (excepting initial load time), it adheres to more web standards, and it has some pretty badass features. First of all, it's themeable, so if you like pretty colors and icons (in other words, if you bought a Mac because it's pretty), this is for you. It's very extensible, meaning you can download all sorts of very useful and often fun add-ons to add functionality to the base browser. My favorite thus far is the gesture extension, which allows you to browse the web using, for the most part, mouse gestures alone. This way I can go back or forward (and do a host of other things) without ever having to move my lazy-ass hand up to click on the buttons up top. Anything that promotes laziness, in my opinion, is a good thing. That's why I also encourage use of beer, automobiles, and beds. Actually anyone who knows me knows that I don't really encourage automobile use but for moments of extreme or emergency laziness.

I'm promoting this so heavily (if heavily can be used in reference to a website that gets weekly hits in the single digits) because I'm sick of Microsoft owning everything and I really do think that this is a superior product. FireFox encourages the development of free, open-source software, of which I have become quite the proponent of since Ryan finally shamed me into installing SuSE Linux on my computer. The idea that software can be free for use and further development is a great one. It builds a community and makes software stronger. The idea is, the more eyes that see something will strengthen the stability, security, and power of the software. Unfortunately for Janet Jackson that doesn't work for breasts, but hey, she's like 80 billion years old anyway and no one really wants to see her boobs. Well at least I'm glad I wasn't watching at that point. So give FireFox a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Get Firefox

Posted by shock66 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)