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That wasn't so bad ...

In looking back over the worst day of the year, I have to say (now that it's safely past and I can no longer jinx myself) it wasn't so bad.

Despite nearly getting my bike stolen (ala being a flake and leaving the key in the lock), dropping half a piece of sushi in my lap and onto the floor and subsequently knocking over the soy sauce, screwing up my big new project, and catching a cold, it was bearable. Definitely not the worst day of the year. So that means there could be worse. Ack.

It's time for "story follow-up." My iPod Woes story, in case you cared, slowly unfolds to reveal something that a lot of people apparently knew but I didn't: iPods in general have less-than-ideal bass response. I gave my "test song" a try on Will's iPod Mini and the result was the same exact "muddiness" as he described it. Thankfully (I guess?) it is not my specific unit but a general iPod problem.

I do really love my iPod. I guess Apple, along with many other portable music player companies, failed to provide adequate bass response. I've noticed that this happens in a lot of handheld music players. Alas, but at least it's on a "relatively" small number of songs. I find it interesting, though, that people still rave about sound quality on the iPod. It seems they don't really listen to songs with a lot of bass or something. That or they are generally bad judges of sound quality? Hmm (strokes beardless chin, contemplating) ...

I've been thinking lately about things I miss about home, things I don't miss about home, and things I appreciate about Japan. That'll be coming soon.


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